DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed 230K USB SERIAL Adapter Cable 6ft.

MFG Part Number: 765162

DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed 230K USB SERIAL Adapter Cable 6ft. providing serial connection for a wide variety of serial device communication.

Deciding where the best place is for your serial device in relation to your PC can be a challenge, having a 6ft, cable attached opens up some options for you. This device can be connected through a USB hub and is designed for maximum performance with high speed data rates of 230Kbps.

Key features
  • Supports high-speed data rates of 230.0Kbps.
  • Can be used through a direct connection from your PC or through a USB hub maintaining maximum performance.
  • Works with a large variety of devices using serial communication
  • 6ft. cable length gives you the distance needed for an office environment
  • Bus powered, no additional power needed
Linux OSX 10 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP

Our drivers are "signed" by Microsoft! Works with Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Fully Compatible with new Windows 10! Just plug it in and windows 10 will automatcially download and load the drivers.

  • Provides a single DB-9 serial port for connecting to:
  • PDA devices ...
  • Modems...
  • ISDN-TA...
  • Digital Cameras...
  • Standard Serial Devices
  • Barcode Readers...
  • Card Reader...
  • Palm II&V...
  • Graphic Tablets
  • Label Printers
  • Steno Machines
  • Weather Stations
  • Ham Radio

Plugs into a USB port on Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/7/8/10 PC

Draws its power from the USB connection ... a power adapter is not required

Supports data rates up to 230.0 Kbps

Works with all popular brands of PDAs and Label Printers

Provides one RS-232 male DB9 port for direct connection to a PDA cradle or synchronization cable.


Packages Includes:

  • USB-232 Converter cable with 6ft. usb Type A end.
  • One User's Manual.
  • USB Driver Disk for WIN98/ME/2K and XP! Use the adapter directly from a USB port, or via a USB hub. The converter is powered by the USB port, so the hub must be powered. This adapter works with Windows XP, Win2K, WinMe, Win98SE, and with Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, and Linux (2.4 kernel and later). Windows 7, 8 and 10 do not require the CD windows update can get the newest and lastest driver.


*Note: These devices are known by many names: USB-Serial adapters, USB-PDA adapters, and USB-RS-232 converters). Spelling can also depending on location so it may be called called USB-Serial adaptors, USB-PDA adaptors, or USB RS-232 adaptors, or USB RS232 adaptor.

Part Number765162
Warranty1 Year
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