30 Port USB 2.0 charging hub with 5V 60A power supply

MFG Part Number: U230PHUB5V
High speed and industrial grade USB 2.0 Hub designed to meet the requirements of high transmission performance and large current supply. Mainly used to install into a cabinet or cart. Very popular used in school, hospital and public security system etc. It's safe, convenient and fast.
Key features
  • Fully compatible with BC1.2 specifications
  • Uses Standard 5V, 60A power adapter to ensure enough current supply throughout
  • Fully compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
  • External 5V 60A power supply ready to connect to the hub.
  • Excellent heat distribution with supporting 5V 2100mA port current

USB 2.0 Hub with 30 Ports and external power supply

Very popular 30-Port USB 2.0 hub, mainly used to install into a cabinet or cart. Used in school, hospital, and public security systems etc., it's safe, convenient and fast.

No need to worry about wiring in a power supply. The USB hub includes a 5V 60A wired external power supply that connects to the hubs power cable, just plug into your AC outlet and you're ready to start transmitting your data at speeds of up to 480Mbps or charge your compatible devices.

The USB hub is backward compatible with USB 1.1 and is designed with circuit protection in mind as each port is protected from over-current and ESD occurrences. The USB hub incorporates a toggle on/off switch when the device is not in use, there are no drivers required and it is plug and play enabled.


  • Fully compatible with BC1.2 spec, it can charge fast for most of usb device.
  • Uses MTT data architecture to improve the transmission rate
  • Standard 5V, 60A power adapter to ensure enough current supply to each port.
  • Individual circuit protection designed per port to protect your computer or device from damage.
  • Includes high quality aluminum alloy chassis to ensure heat dissipation and improve anti-interference capacity
  • Designed with two-tailed bending positioning ear for your convenient mounting.
  • Supplies 5V/2100mA current per port and provide data transmission and charging for 30pcs tablet at one time.
  • Supports Win7, Window Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS and others.
  • Fully compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, support hot plug, plug and play with on driver.
  • Dimensions: 450(L) x 80(W) x 25mm(H)
  • CE, FCC, RoHS Certified


Use this device in a dry environment to avoid humidity affects to the internal circuit board design. This is an intelligent device, make sure you are connected properly to the USB port to avoid any damage to its interface.

Device Usage Tips

  • Connect the AC line with DC5V/60A power adapter.
  • Connect the AC power line to power socket.
  • Connect the DC5V/60A line to DC outlet of 30 port hub.
  • Put the power switch of hub to “ON”.
  • Now the power output of hub will be 5V.
  • Connect the USB line from computer’s USB to hub’s side USB, then you can start your read-write operation (such as U disk upgrade, data copy, MID upgrade, data download, mobile phone upgrade etc.)
  • Pull out and separate power supply, hub and USB cable for properly keeping after the application completed.

Package Contents

  • 30 Port USB Hub
  • 2 pcs. USB data cable
  • DC5V/60A power adapter
Part NumberU230PHUB5V
Warranty1 Year
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