USB 2.0 High-Speed Active USB Extension Cable 16ft.

MFG Part Number: USBG-2U16
USB 2.0 Active USB extension cable by USBGear 16ft in Length, very durable design and a perfect solution for USB hard drives, USB adapters, USB web cam, USB hubs and much more. Can connect up to 5 segments of this cable for an allowable length of 80ft. max, Works with Windows 10, 8, 7 and VISTA using GL chip.
Key features
  • Extends your USB signal an additional 16ft. with no loss of high-speed signal
  • Connect up to 5 consecutive segments of cable for a maximum of 80ft signal extension.
  • Supports Windows XP, 7, 8, and Vista with data rates of 480Mbps.
  • Uses true plug-and-play features for operating systems that support USB protocols.
  • A perfect no hassle USB 2.0 active extension for extending the distance of USB devices.

WORKS WITH Windows 10, 8, 7 and VISTA!

Product Features: - USB 2.0 specification compliant. - Data transfer rate up to 480Mbps. - True Plug and Play. - No external power require.

Perfect solution for USB Hard Drives, USB Adapters, USB web Cam, USB Hubs, USB projectors, USB interactive white boards, USB printers and much more.

USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable by USBGear 16ft in Length, Very durable design.

Unlike passive extension cables, the USBG-2U16 2.0 Certified Active Extension Cable (using GL chip) is an active device that buffers the data going in and out to assure that signal always meets the USB 2.0 Electrical and Timing Specifications.

USBG-2U16 can be used to extend the cable length of any USB 2.0 device. This USB active cable acts as a transparent USB 2.0 Hub Therefore there is no drivers required!

Up to 5 segments of this cable can be used to get max. allowable length of 80ft.

Part NumberUSBG-2U16
Warranty1 Year
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